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Life of Lyrics Music is a music publishing company, and also an independent record label for their artists record releases, located in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to make music that has substance and virtue.  Music is a powerful form and we hope it use it to inspire.  We strive to be an innovator in today's music industry by enlightening aspiring artists with the basic business side of things, as well as other short-vids, and other stuff that will encourage to push past limits and promote constructive growth.
We also love to see more female songwriters, producers and artists in the music industry.  Regardless of being of what the role is, we support aspiring artists, and hope for them to still go after their musical aspirations regardless of circumstance.

Yvette Huntley which is the founder and first fourth-coming singer-songwriter/artist to debut from the company. 


Music Video for

"There Was A Time " 

Song Written by Yvette Huntley, our fourth-coming singer-songwriter

Life of Lyrics Music is a independent  music publishing company who also released their songs through their record label division.  New music is being made and we would love to keep you posted with updates, announcements and exclusive content and give aways.



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Yvette Huntley

First fourth-coming singer/songwriter and recording artist.

Yvette Huntley is a singer-songwriter believes that one should pursue your passion regardless of obstacles.  There has been many challenges, setbacks, and feeling like her music career is on it's second act, but she chooses to embrace her gifts and aim for the stars.  Singing is a soother and form of expression that transcends age, time and limitations.  She is very much a singer as well a songwriter. She has been two times Runner Up and Semi-Finalist in VH1's Song of the Year Contest (the same contest that singer-songwriter Mehgan Trainor wrote songs for and won.)  She gained recognition for her songwriting and she's pursuing that part of her gift and talents through creating a catalog of songs to use for master, sync, print and other forms of music licensing through her self-publishing Life of Lyrics Music, which also operate as a record label for her song and album releases.


Songs available for Music Licensing



SONGWRITING SERVICES  is  on the way...

In the process of Life of Lyrics Music being in the process of releasing new music, and music licensing, we venturing out onto a new venture of Songwriting Services.  It consists of writing a full song lyrics for artists need lyrics, vocal arrangements for collaborating, and also writing an d singing hooks over music beats for beat makers.  Further news and announcements will be announced on this venture in the very near future.

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