Everything That GLITTERS, Ain't Gold

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

"But the lord is faithful, he will establish you and guard you against the evil one"


Divine Intuition

I can remember the times the older people would say "everything that glitters, ain't gold"; meaning that everything and everyone that seems or act like it's good is not always good or truthful or always what they/it seems (that's my interpretation).

That's said for enlightenment, not to spend your life paranoid, or disect everyone or every little thing, but to be aware of deceitful people and situations, that could, misuse, abuse and in some cases cause you harm. My advice is to pray to God to give you insight on whatever the situation may be, and guide and help you.

I say trust your gut feeling.

In this world we have many things that can cause us worry, so I would like to encourage faith in instead of fear.


We are HUMAN, we cannot fight against some things that are unseen, and like I've heard the old people say before "the battle is not yours, so give it to the Lord". Hold on and believe in your faith, and be who you are and created to be, but just be mindful that you could meet some that don't value you and what you have to offer, don't let that detour you from your goals, dreams, or aspirations. We are all unique and that is worth embracing, and that applies to any age, color, and lifestyle.

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Below is short-story excerpt from a short-story collection that I'm working on at the present time. It's a E-Book of inspirational short-stories with a meaning message to illustrate, enlighten and ultimately inspire...that has theme songs that are inspired by the story. For more content and updates, on this blog and more feel free to subscribe below.

"Everything That Glitters, Ain't Gold"

(Short-story excerpt) by Yvette Huntley

Janessa sat staring at the brown leather suitcase with the the faded newspaper articles peeping from the folders. She inhaled deeply, then exhaled it out. She pushed aside her anxiety. For years she logged to know about her birth mother, and how she got separated from her, now when the moment of truth is at present, she's wondering that not knowing is better than knowing a truth that she couldn't bare.

" Janessa, if you don't want to read the stuff in her suitcase, then you don't have to, we have other ways of finding out what you wanna know!". Spat Evaney, which was Janessa best friend, more like sister. She stood across the circle table alongside Janessa, locked face to face with Janessa's cousin RuRu. They were inside the cafe with a steady flow of workers and guest, so it wouldn't be a good idea to cause a scene.

" This has nothing to do with you, this between me and my cousin!". RuRu snapped back. Whoa look at the anger behind those eyes. A few moments passed and Janessa patted Evaney's hand, her way of saying she was okay. She could understand her friend's concern, because since running into RuRu at Little Bohemia weeks ago, she have not earned a trustworthy title with some of the incidents she'd been in, but she perhaps to be the only blood relative that Janessa knows on the face of the earth, and have information on her birth mother and legacy, and know the whereabouts of Evaney's mother as well. So she was gonna roll the dice, and play whatever game that her cousin could be playing, to an extent. It's like Evaney could read her, a unique bond they shared with each other. She nodded her head yes.

" Just guard up", Evaney spoke lowly.

"Of course." Janessa replied, her foster grandmother's words coming back to her " be alert, because everything that glitters, is not gold"

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